A Programmers’ What-to-expect with a Recurve Bow at an Archery Range

by on April 12, 2015

soothingchaos bestrecurveIf you want to learn something new and interesting that not a lot of people are doing nowadays then shooting arrows at a local archery range can be something good for you as a programmer. Here are the things you should expect when you hit your local range so you will be a bit more prepared and ready to be like robin hood.

Also if you happen to already have a recurve bow ready or just interested in trying the sport of archery for the first time, your local archery range is obviously and the best place to start. If you happen to now know what an “archery range is”, it is a place designed to show bows and arrows safely. They can be found at local clubs, shops that sells bows and arrows or outdoor equipment, sometimes even community parks. Here’s a link to an archery range finder in the US.

First thing to expect is you have to find your local range. You can first look into the internet or if you want to be hands on, you can go to a local archery retailer or shop, even a local archery club if you happen to know one. Though it was mentioned that local parks might have an archery facility, shops tend to have a professional instructor ready or some gear you can rent for a few hours.

Again, if this is your first time, you might need a coach and some rental bows. Only if you do not have one ready.

Call ahead before going to an archery shop and find out if they are open for business. Normally archery shops tend to open around the afternoon, weekends and some are open until night time. But the business hours may vary between shops. If you are calling an archery club, you should ask if they offer training for beginners and novices because some clubs out there have instructors that are only available at specific days and hours.

Now you know where to go and how to meet, you should think about what are you supposed to wear. Its simple, you just have to wear comfortable shoes and relax clothing since you will be shooting in a standing position. Most veteran archers wear jeans when practicing, some will wear athletic uniforms and shoes; even rubber sneakers, skate shoes. Some fashion forward archers that are practicing even wear Uggs. Archery is a very casual sport, do and wear what you are comfortable with.

Now you are at the archery range, you are wearing your most comfortable clothes and shoes but when you walk in to the store, you might not be greeted, do not worry because its ok. Just approach the counter and tell them why you are there. Let them know it is your first visit and you would like to try and shoot some arrows. Here is the part where they will offer you some equipment to rent.

It is time to get to know your bow. if you have brought your own bow and mentioned that it is your first time shooting, they will probably take the time to spend a few seconds in showing how to build and safely string your bow. It does not matter if you have a recurve bow or a compound bow, they will make sure that your bow will fit you accordingly. Learn more about the Samick Sage just in case it may be something you want to invest in should you decide to make archery a hobby.