Computer Programmers are Now Getting More Exercise by Walking

by on April 12, 2015

soothingchaos bestwalkingfeetBeing a programmer nowadays demand a lot of your time in front of the computer and sitting down all day just to meet the client’s demand and deadline for you to finish a certain project. Overtime, this will take a toll on your body and can ultimately decrease your efficiency in working or in a worst case scenario it can bring negative effects to your body and health as a whole. But yet again, you have been working too hard and heavy exercises might be out of the question so a good option for you is to just try and walk. But here are some tips to before you go into it and also maximizing the benefits of walking for you as a programmer.

First of all before you start going out and walk, set an appointment with your family physician to check if you happen to have a chronic medical condition or if you have a recent injury, mild or serious. But do not think for one second that you are not allowed to exercise if you happen to have a chronic problem. Walking can even help you control the disease that you have and its advancement. If you happen to have cardiovascular problems or diabetes, walking can also help you alleviate the symptoms. Other patients of arthritis or other musculoskeletal problems will get some relief with the supervision of a medical personnel while walking.

Make sure you buy yourself some good shoes for exercising. If you decide to do jogging or walking, this will be the only thing that you will be shelling money out for. You should pay extra attention to the fit, quality and comfort of the shoe you will be buying. Learn more about walking shoes. When you fit a shoe, there shouldn’t be any tight spot or any pinching feel that might cause sores or blisters on your fit after walking. Find out if you have a high arch or a flat foot. There are different types of shoes for flat footed people. After buying a shoe, also invest on some good socks that will compliment the shoe that you bought, and if you will be wearing thicker socks, remember that it will affect the fit of the shoe. So buy them at the same time.

Don’t forget to warm up before walking. Start by running at a slow pace, progressing to normal pace for five minutes and then start picking up the tempo of your exercise.

Make sure you keep an eye out on your heart rate and breathing. The point of exercising is increasing your heart rate and the challenge of doing it but do not overdo it. Walking exercises shouldn’t be too hard. You should be able to carry on a conversation while still exercising, if you are short on breath every other word you say, then you are probably already overdoing it.

Good posture is key. Some medicals associations recommend the following then exercise walking; make sure you swing your arms, always keep your head up, keep your back straight and your abs flat, make sure your toes are pointed straight ahead and you should be taking long strides but do not strain your legs.

When you are done with the exercise, you will feel more energized and more alert. Do this whenever you can in between projects as a programmer and you will be fine.