Juicing: The healthy way for computer programmers to keep their minds working well

by on April 12, 2015

soothingchaos bestjuicergalAs a programmer, you can tap into the biggest possible knowledge base there is, which is the internet. Here you can see lots of alternative ways out there to keep you pumped and be like that well oiled machine that we all want to be especially during work. But some tend to be unhealthy and sometimes impractical to even try. If you work 12 hour shifts as a programmer just to finish a project, doing other things outside work can be a little difficult and time consuming. But to a lot of people, the easiest way to stay healthy and keep minds running at their best is drinking juice and get into juicing. Here are some things you need to know before you get into juicing.

First thing you need to know that fruit juices can cause a huge spike in your blood sugar. For normal, healthy people, fruit juices do not really pose any complications to their health because the sugars they get from fruits are quickly and easily digested. So again, if you are a healthy person, there is no way you will get diabetes by drinking juices.

It is not true that you can get obese from drinking juices. Obesity along with diabetes are actually developed by bad diets that can quickly lead to problems with your organs and not because of juices.

However, if you are teetering close to being diabetic or any related disease, try to refrain from drinking fruit juices. But you should know by now that you are diabetic because of your bad diet. If you want to turn that around and be a productive programmer that you used to be, remove these bad and harmful foods from your diet and then you can come back to juicing. Especially vegetable juices.

If you happen to suspect or discovered you have yeast infection in your digestive tract, coordinate with your doctor first before you start juicing program. This also counts for those people who have a low blood sugar level in their bodies also known as hypoglycemia or if you tend to put on weight relatively fast.

If you do vegetable juicing correctly, it is not going to be a problem if you have these cases. There are many green juice combinations out there that you can try which will also taste good, but yet again they are an acquired taste. If you are not a fan of greens, just give it a try. It is not as bad as it sounds (or look, sometimes.).

If you have been told that green juices will improve your overall body and health condition, will you even give it a try? It is not really that hard to begin with. But first you need to think about getting a good gear juicer that would work well with your juicing needs. The masticating juicer is a good product to start with because it’s an all-purpose juicer.

There are lots of benefits when it comes to juicing yet there are very little risks if you know what you are getting into. Very little to no investment that comes with it but the returns are huge and can turn your life around as a programmer.