Shooting the Program: How to Learn to Use a Crossbow

by on April 12, 2015

soothingchaos bestcrossbowAs programmer, you might be interested in getting into something new like going outdoors and do activities or do something intense like sports or something more subtle like shooting bows at a target. But what do you have to consider before getting into this hobby? Here are some things you can look at.

Just buy the best bow that is within your budget – there is a big difference between a garage sale bargain to a top of the line model. The bargain will definitely cost you much less but it will not be as good or as accurate or even reliable. Sooner or later, when you need it most, it will fail right before your eyes. You definitely get what you pay for but spending a few more dollars and get the best possible bow, then you definitely won’t be sorry.

Use enough draw weight – the basic measurement that differentiates a hunting crossbow from a target crossbow is its draw weight. Good thing that most states in the US have taken the time in determining what is the best regulatory minimum for draw weights. These will vary from state to stay, keep that in mind. The range is between 75 to 152 pounds of force.

If you are new, then use a scope sight – thought most bows nowadays will come with open sights, sure that can work well but a scope sight will serve you even better in terms of accuracy. Because that is what they mainly are made for, to help you shoot accurately and with ease. For magnification, you can set it between zero power up to 5x. Barnett Crossbows come with scopes, you might want to consider this brand.

Utilize quality arrows – if somehow the arrows you shoot are like laser beams, they will not fly precisely straight to the target. Cheaply manufactured arrows will have a tendency to be sloppy and will fly like a knuckleball. That is why you should be using the best, top quality arrows designed for crossbows. Brands like Gold Tip, Carbon Express and Easton are the most notable manufacturers of bows out there in the market today.

Broadheads are also important – the broadhead is the serious end of an arrow. There are lots of makes and models of broadheads out there but just like most things in life, the expensive ones are generally the ones which are top quality meaning they have the tightest tolerances, sharpest, that fly straight and true and with a long record of good reviews and feedbacks.

Resting is also important – a crossbow can be heavy and awkward to carry sometimes. That can make it almost near impossible to shoot accurately without taking the time to rest. It can be anything like utilizing a standard rifle position while shooting or even like kneeling and while sitting down. There are also options like shooting sticks and monopods. Most professionals will advice you that you should never loose an arrow unless you are in any kind of rest position.

Feel out your trigger first – every trigger from every crossbow is unique unto itself. You have to shoot your crossbow often enough to get the right feel on when exactly your trigger will send the arrow flying out of your bow. Try shooting both with and without gloves on so you will have a feel for both.